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Short snow boots, nice and good ride

Both comfortable and warm performance of the snow boots, in the cold winter can be regarded as a popular single product; simple and handsome short paragraph design, visually lengthen the leg lines, easy wild; it not only give female friends with Comes like a sunshine-like warmth while still giving you a sense of fashion. High-quality materials, does not stimulate the skin, delicate adidas sale and soft, with natural restrained elegance, more quality sense. Pure and simple lines and wave design, highlighting the chic leather and wool knit material, fit the leg curve, the successful creation of women from the inside out of the sensual and elegant. One fur insoles, moderate thickness, delicate silky feel, given a solid backing of both feet, warm and not stuffy feet. The surface of the first layer of leather, to enhance the hardness, the last strong and no adidas tennis shoes shortage of raw leather soft, inside a layer of lamb skin, adidas outlet wearing warmth and comfort. adidas stan smith Featured Australian wool inside, 360 锟斤拷 roundabout, good thermal insulation, good resistance to long-lasting warmth. Enhanced version of the outsole, better softness, good flexibility, can well ease the formation of the ground pressure on the feet, wearing a relaxed and comfortable.

Leather upper, delicate touch, warm and comfortable Side zipper design, help wear off, more convenient. Long velvet inside, the thickness of moderate, warm warm. Rubber soles, grip more firmly, non-slip wear, soft and flexible, more comfortable to wear. Round head design, comfort is not cramped, classic retro colors, soft without losing style. Delicate cow suede, elegant and soft addition, the color is more full, with smooth lines cut, modified foot at the same time, even more light-cooked charm. Inside the wool design, soft and delicate, more warm.