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Skirt + sneakers, so that you have a thin mix of wind in the spring

The concept of mix and match in fact has been the fire for many years, and look at more and more fashion people and the airport stars, you will find the mix of this trend has never been past. After nearly two years of sports baptism, and the skirt adidas shoes of the best partner has been from the elegant high heels into vibrant sports shoes. And this is particularly suitable for the recovery of all things in the spring, the pace of light to go outing, taking into account the beauty and comfort, think is a pleasure. Fashion more and more humane, so that the stars are also relieved, so, the combination of skirt + sneakers become a star of the heart of the pet. Of course, different preferences and different body of the sister paper, like the way to mix and match is not the same. Fortunately, this combination of skirts and sneakers to provide enough space to play, almost all of the style can be used to mix and match this way out of their own personality, which is one of the reasons for this popular way to wear it Xiaobian today to come and share with you some wild wear law.

In the light legs to wear skirts are also cool in March, with a long skirt to mix and match is undoubtedly the best choice, take sweaters, take leather, take the cowboy jacket is very timely, choose pleated or irregular stitching style easier to wear Out of color Light chiffon adidas originals skirt and lace skirt and yarn dress, more elegant and feminine, you can mix and match leather jacket in the punk wind of a single product, and small white shoes can reduce the difficulty of this dress control. Skirt with the fabric is a net yarn, thin texture, step hole clear, feel very cool, flexible, breathable, comfortable, so the skirt upper body is two layers of yarn, but will still be slightly through the effect of Oh. With our letter of this period of anti-Indian T-shirt and flower shirt are very nice, two different styles. Long skirt is a solid color design, skirt length to the ankle, skirt adidas superstar is relatively large, if it is a small short leg sister paper, please wear a high waist waist, and then with heels, not sports shoes. But if the legs are long enough, then with the sports shoes, you can mix out a casual retro style, and micro-exposed ankle can be thin Oh. When the casual cowboy encounter sports shoes, will emit a "go away" the free and easy temperament. Wearing a striped shirt + leather, take an exposed ankle denim skirt, it is easy to wear out the door. Denim skirt itself is a very wild single product and youth with a sense of sports shoes with a simple T-shirt and denim jacket, there will be a good age effect.

Denim skirt gives the general impression is youthful and lively, but joined the carrying the yarn skirt, the sweet atmosphere on the leisurely and born. Black and apricot with, but also to the skirt is very wild, do not pick people. Skirt long over the knee, is very high length. Slightly spread the skirt can also modify the small thick legs Oh. Denim skirt is really girls and students love ah, want to age, want to highlight the youthful vitality, and ultimately, a cowboy skirt. A-shaped skirt can also be very adidas store modified legs, with a pair of sneakers and simple T-shirt can easily go out. If you want bright spots, then the bright socks and mini bag is a good match.