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Small in this life in addition to high heels, but also what to wear?

High shoes to block the slender ankle, at the same time, the calf abruptly "cut" into two, can only say that from the visual, the loss of the legs of the golden point, even with the high and no avail. Then choose the exposed ankle adidas shoes muffler shoes, the slender ankle show? Square head, big head, slope with, loose cake for the small brother of paper in addition to make your footsteps more heavy, highlight the expansion feel, no other role. Shallow mouth shoes can be the greatest degree of exposure to the delicate ankle, and to the legs more extension of the line adidas boots space, this time coupled with the height, naturally piercing the big legs of the feel. Small girls always have no courage to wear flat shoes, but high heels for girls is not friendly, and occasionally to give his feet a holiday, may wish to double ballet shoes. Although it is flat, but the ballet shoes to maximize the exposed your instep, with high waist skirt can make you light and high. Bow ballet flat shoes. Put on very comfortable, the feeling is also good Oh, the quality is also very good, is more popular ballet shoes style, wearing comfortable clothes or clothes

Mary Jane shoes in the past two years, especially the fire, mainly its well-behaved shape also a little retro charm, by the fashion of people's favorite. Letter embroidery loose t-shirt. Back of the embroidery is not in front of the birds fine, because it is black, so the upper body will not penetrate the underwear, black was thin, wild, the fabric is very good Mary Jane shoes with the word buckle high heels. Wearing a tired foot, this year is very popular style, with a skirt to wear certainly super beauty, very ladies ~ pointed shoes design to a certain extent, to extend the leg lines, especially shallow mouth class pointed shoes, not the instep Style so that the instep as part of the legs, instantly increased Oh But when it comes to pointed shoes, sister paper mind must be the kind of sexy and full of feminine, Even flat bottom pointed shoes, but also unexpected elongation effect. Sister paper adidas running shoes may wish to try to use flat shoes to liberate their feet, can be considered rewarding, not to mention the visual height of 3 cm long.