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Small white shoes also increased, early autumn fashion is not embarrassing!

Which girl does not want two meters long legs, but not all girls have a big cousin like a good body. So the question came, want to be more beautiful can we supposed to do? Then the answer came, choose a pair of high shoes inside, properly get! So the question again, how to choose, how to take it? Then the answer is coming! The most important thing is comfortable and comfortable shoes, important things to say three times, the most important thing is the size of comfort should be appropriate, can not greedy wear! Increasing shoes always give people the feeling of tall and straight, of course, can wear more windy windbreaker, or wide leg pants are very Fan yo! Shoes made of high quality leather fabric, material foot leisure and comfortable, personalized fashion, touch the quality, you deserve it. Cotton lace, elegant fashion nice, personalized tongue, cute cute. Inside the multi-channel production process, comfortable breathable not dull feet, skin-friendly adidas store comfortable, not the same beautiful youth, it is not the same pull. Shoes heel comfortable and flexible, side help color design, followed by a small mention to facilitate wear off.

Built-in increased design, wild was thin features, not the same sports shoes. Uppers with leather + net, comfortable and breathable. Shoes type was delicate, put on was significantly was thin, comfortable breathable ~ inside with a breathable yarn, pig leather insole, can give you a very good walking foot feeling and fun ~ light rubber bottom, soft and wear, shock Good effect ~ in the high before the high after the thick cake, cleverly into the hit color design, weakened the bulky feeling at the same time showing a refreshing visual beauty, quite the structure of the adidas tennis shoes beauty, adding a high street fashion Atmosphere, while both urban women's personality charm. It is soft leather material, delicate lines vivid, with good flexibility and comfort, made of pig skin inside the comfortable, fit feet, moisture breathable, bring a comfortable wearing experience!

Delicate soft leather to create a good wearing environment, 9 cm trendy thick bottom is its bright spot, personality novelty out, with a parody of youth to create a free attitude with the high street atmosphere. The selection of the first layer of leather so that it is very vivid texture of the vamp, with good flexibility and comfort, rich high-quality natural luster, highlighting the quality of feeling, well-designed non-slip rubber outsole into the fashion anti- Solid non-slip, comfortable wear. Capture the hearts of small white shoes, girls squeeze embracing, tie the style of the simple white shoes to a new look, put on its daily life are colorful, simple style to interpret the true meaning of the movement, solid color leather Panel comfortable and refreshing, prominent texture, non-slip rubber soles, adidas running shoes so that every day walking on the road, the upper by the classic row of lace decorations, revealing simple and generous, vibrant sunshine temperament. Simple shoes do not have too much modification, no need to tie off a lot of trouble, easy to wear, wear it walking in the street, breathable and cool, solid color design to bring minimal beauty. Selection of high quality leather, fine texture smooth, breathable, to meet the needs of every day and every occasion. With the inside of the increase, the use of flexible polyurethane material, soft texture, wearing light and comfortable, thickened sponge insole, feel like a cloud-like comfort.

It is a youthful fashion of the wild shape, whether it is pants or skirt can be stable HOLD live, bring comfortable and comfortable walking experience, so that you can go wherever you can enjoy this pleasant time. Superior leather material comfort and breathability both to show the comfort of the upper foot feel is the fashion eye suction tool. Dimensional shading, wear-resistant, greatly increased the friction with the ground, even if the rain can effectively slip. The basic foundation is the shape of small white shoes, but from the classic glow of the trend of the new feeling, thicker way to wear the wearer not only pulled the line increased temperament, and make the body curve more adidas sneakers tall, heel At the small pieces of bright stitching, stylish and full of personality, but just right not publicity. Sheepskin repression made of ostrich pattern, three-dimensional sense of super, lines are clearly visible, bright with the skin, color shiny, making it into the eye of the artifact.