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Snow boots on how to wash the hair how to dry

?To talk about this snow boots, which is a lot of people like a kind of shoes, there are a lot of plush, as long as a feeling to wear the whole people are warm, to see how the snow boots on the plush? Snow boots how to dry: snow boots on how to wash:

Snow boots on how to clean the hair is to be classified, not all of the plush can be cleaned in accordance with a method.

How does the general snow boots on the plush? The amount of laundry detergent poured into the water inside, then the dirty hair soaked in water to clean, gently rubbed by hand gently, and then gently cut off the water. Remember do not brush with a brush, be sure to hand rub, so that both clean and will not damage the hair. Wait until the quick-drying time, you can use a hair dryer with a small comb to shape, and then naturally dry.

If the snow boots on the plush is better, such as rabbit hair: first neutral detergent into the warm water around 30 ℃, and so on to the laundry detergent evenly, then the snow boots into the water, Hand gently rubbing, washing. Then, wash it at about 30 ° C in warm water several times until cleaning, and other stereotypes are the same as other ordinary snow boots.

Snow boots how to dry:

1, the snow boots boots rolled adidas store up. Natural wind can dry, or get the sun below the dry.

2, with a dryer can be dried.

Snow boots on the plush on the cleaning method to introduce here, the winter temperature is not high, or to master the method of drying, or else it will be smelly.