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Spring is coming, can not you wait to wear these shoes?

Cats and heels are simply tailor-made items for girls, a small heel is like walking kittens, lovely and elegant. If the spring of last year was a big hit with cats and shoes, this year's momentum will be even more fierce than last year. There are already many people in the street shooting. Cats and shoes for the spring of choice for the first, not because of its fire, or because it is very comfortable, people will not wear high heels can be controlled, the most tender pink tender for the spring, with adidas superstar a white dress, fairy fairy It's And thin straps designed to highlight the delicate slender feet. Also reduce the monotony of the shoes. Suede material, there is a sense of indescribable premium. With toe jewelry decoration, elegant and noble. Heel exposed after the design, even with the jeans, but also look very refreshing, a pair of shoes to wear no problem in the summer, winter can also add socks, even more stylish.

Black is the most wild color, how with the wrong. Low-key adidas sale color, it is suitable for office workers to wear, followed by the fine jewelry with the decoration, but also added a touch of high sense. The whole pair of shoes smooth lines, showing beautiful leg lines. Red is the representative of sexy women, with elegant kitten with, adidas superstar with a black dress, sexy little sister that is visual. Thin adidas women strap design also points a lot, bring out the soft back of the foot lines.