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Spring to wear such shoes travel, fashion also significant grade

This year talking about the square shoes should not be unfamiliar, walking in the streets can see a lot of people are with square shoes, the current degree of heat can be comparable to the degree of small white shoes Oh, it is not only wild, and But also to break all the previous design with a simple, very gas field charm, if you feel that there is no gas field, then a square head shoes upper body, the adidas women moment will become different Oh! So if you have not yet, then quickly start to action it! Small leather shoes with the British style of the wind, every little details are special elements of this year, square head, side buckle, side with, in short, is more and more fashionable, coupled with high quality leather, can give you the most comfortable and comfortable to wear Experience. Like a simple dress, like this one foot pedal shoes, both fashionable and very easy to wear control, easy to go out to get, flat design is more comfortable and comfortable to wear.

Walking the British style, and ultimately, such a side of the deduction of shoes, both with a skirt, you can also with pants, casual how can take, and the focus is to go out to walk will not tired of the feeling, really worth a try With a pair of square feet of shoes, any match with the problem, while the rough design with the heel will not adidas superstar meet the sister, so very comfortable wild, did not try the girl can try Oh!

Square buckle with the toe, to the foot with more activities of the space, the adidas new shoes bright spot is its rough with, with pearl elements, it is very chic, is definitely the most design this year, where comes with fashion Halo.

Of course, like some of the elegant woman, side buckle heels are indispensable, with a skirt when the special look good, but also the foot modification was very slender was thin, it is charming Oh! With the deduction of natural and ultimately, the elements of the round buckle, personalized round buckle and square head with together, showing a unique beauty, coupled with the rough with the design, it seems super British style of the United States. Toe on the tassel elements, very trendy beauty, and thick with the design of the square head, but also wear a very personal atmosphere Fan, the color is the main color of this year, it is not easy to obsolete.

Small British wind atmosphere, with such a British wind shoes, as if walking in the streets of London in general, very flavor, and the side buckle adidas superstar design is also a super trend of the atmosphere, shoe inside there should be a pair of such shoes.

Super-retro a small leather shoes, it's retro design allows you to fit the overall fashion index, but the head but also modified the foot type, making it look slim look, is definitely a wild single product. Fashionable round head, simple design, very trendy atmosphere, the side of the chain design, but also highlights the beauty of the British style of wind, with patent leather material, especially high gloss, good with Oh!