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Stylish and comfortable, cats and boots to save you can not wear high heels!

One pair of boots in adidas tennis shoes the winter is a must-have item, but many short boots are high-heeled designs. Is it true that a large number of girls cannot wear high heels? Want to change pairs of other boots, but also absolutely handsome Martin boots, Chelsea boots not enough women, do not worry about it, so that a pair of cats and boots to save you! Cats and fire with the shoes is not without ground, Audrey Hepburn cats love shoes, comfort is also fashionable, Hepburn goddess pierced a lot of classic. Essential winter boots must also be your heart's love, nice also wild, the adidas stan smith most important thing is comfortable. A domineering wide-leg adidas store pants without a pair of high-heeled short boots can sustain gas field? Can not wear high heels sister with cats and boots to save yourself! Black bottoming shirt with full-length long-leg wide-leg pants, full of handsome, with a pair of black short boots not only the overall color is very comfortable, the tip of the style can make people even more significant.

9 points wide leg pants must be equipped with a pair of high boots, small with the most charming, so that the handsome style more feminine. The tops of the fur were used with school uniform pants to reduce the heavy sense of fur, people looked a lot of light, the cat and ankle boots at the foot is the stylish highlights of the whole body, eye-catching. The shortcomings of the most exposed leg type in straight leg pants must be avoided. With a pair of cats and boots, can slightly stretch the legs of the lines, do not look a few centimeters high, I believe that will make you all become very tall and straight. Refreshing jeans with white tipped white adidas originals shoes color super ride, retro style hot in the past two years, this "aerobics" style pants have become fashionable up.