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Suitable for spring out of the street shoes, shallow mouth with more temperament

Late spring weather has been cold, of course, there is no hot summer so hot. Out of the street will inevitably be a little tangled what kind of shoes to wear it? Shirt shoes will not be hot? High heels shopping feet will not stand friends, sandals? It is not urgent friends ~ so shallow mouth is the best way to go out with the street Oh, a small man on the feet for the Department of sweet with flat shoes, high sister can choose elegant temperament Fan children's shoes Oh ~ luxury diamond buckle with a comfortable low With, full of luxury wind, suede material is very temperament, inside is pu leather, comfortable not hurt feet. Can be directly set foot shallow shoes can avoid the trouble of many lace shoes, this ol wind lattice pointed shoes work is fine, rubber soles are non-slip Oh, 3 cm small low with the control, temperament is not tired adidas superstar foot. Look at this floral feeling, is not it to give you a lot of spring fragrance? This is a sweet thin pointed shoes, heel only about 3cm, hollow flowers dotted on the upper, sweet range of children full, very suitable for bridesmaids shoes it.

Since its popularity has been enduring, this is still a small tip style, but it is more than the classic pointed rounded, high-quality patent leather fabric, wear-resistant non-slip rubber at the end of the design, To start Oh ~ matte surface looks more texture, this is a more classic pointed heel style, no matter with jeans, hot pants, skirts, and even long skirts, are a good choice, mature sexy With a woman's charm. Elegant bow did not have the feeling of sweet and greasy, but more a bit more fashion and sexy, short heels whether it is adidas originals wearing a heel or used to high-heeled MM, feel that wearing a long tired, the key adidas adidas shoes running shoes is not grinding feet, Is a good helper for daily leisure work, and silver is the main trend of summer fashion Oh ~