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Sweater with what pants and shoes? This mix is ??very tide

Comes hip hop style sweater, not only came to the T stage, with a variety of wear, can make you handsome to fly, full of aura, so that the overall shape more youthful sense. In any case, sweater is really a very practical piece, when the weather new adidas shoes can be a variety of cold stack, not pick people. If you want to wear a good sweater, or need some stylish with Oh, you must consider what pants and shoes with sweater and shoes, adidas stan smith or prone to error, following the study with Xiaobian it ~ with the straight pants with the preferred loose sweater, This mix will have a kind of handsome street style, and oversize version, but also very modified body, fashion and thin. Sweater wear out will not easily hit the shirt Oh, yellow pine green color has been very distinctive, the most important is very obvious oh ~ velvet velvet fabric, and the front of the stars pattern embellishment, stylish suck Qing. Straight trousers is a new chic trousers flash trim, add bright adidas shoes spots at the same time, the texture of cotton fabric, very skin-friendly breathable. Trousers irregular wear white, it will not look monotonous Oh.

Sneakers will be full of youthful car suture to hit the color mosaic design, decorated with atmospheric visual experience, increased by 5.5cm inside the heart machine design, make adidas women you confident travel. Appointments, the most suitable to wear skirts travel, it is recommended to choose a capless sweater, with skirt design, the overall more concise, with a pair of casual shoes, both literary and full of casual feeling. Eye-catching bright yellow sweater, youthful and full of texture, with a scarf-style hooded pocket, to be clever letters embroidery, wear a cute and playful college style. Net yarn velvet a word big pleated skirt dark gray mosaic pleated skirt, with velvet fabric design, elegant and connotation, so that the shape of the skirt more elegant three-dimensional, unique retro atmosphere, full of classical romance. Pure white casual shoes, giving a neat sense of vision, thick end of the increase in design, immediately pull body, no matter how the mix and match clothing, can wear exclusive fashion personality.