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T bare feet bare enough thin, small legs will be defeated and bare boots

Again to the winter, the body of the clothes plus one and one, body and temperature is almost every sister in the face of choice! Sometimes for the beautiful, the necessary sacrifice or to have a little bit, wearing a pair and bare boots, exposed your feet bare, with tight pants, or wide leg pants are very thin, especially for a small thick legs sister The And bare shoes. Autumn and winter season is the main battle of the boots, a pair of neat and neat boots is essential this season, the British style of the Bulls do stitching, this year designers like the toe retro color, with black pants or jeans are Western style! Fold low to help shoes. Comparison of a personality of a shoe, you need to have a certain skill, wear out a very adidas sneakers Fan! Suitable for walking the wind is relatively thin sister, or take the British fashion of the wind up to people, white is also very clean color, take out a very color! Retro zipper Martin boots. Retro style has been scraping ah scraping, the classic round is essential for autumn and winter, bright brown, and fashionable dark green are very popular this year, clothes are mostly dark girl can choose brown, if You are more style dark green must be your food!

Large rounds of thin shoelaces, a punk wind shoes, suitable for a variety of jeans, tight, wide leg, micro-La are fashionable wild, to meet the different needs, love cowboy family you like a shoe Should be enough for you! This year's matte boots have a lot, and naked also catch a fashionable, rough with the design + classic black, the pursuit of daily wild sister this more suitable, whether students or work can wear, with the requirements Not very high Patent leather boots are very handsome! If you usually wear the style is relatively cool, you can choose some patent leather shoes, will give you a lot of modeling points! Stitching the design of the belt easy to wear off, with woolen coat good! More classic adidas running shoes classic Martin boots, the color is retro models, prefer British wind girl, this flat tie boots must be in your autumn one of the essential items! With loose pants, was thin, especially with holes in the jeans! Square heel, metal ring, more styling of a suitable for the tide of the usual girl, with this year's more popular metal skirt or cortical wide leg pants, I believe that is very eye-catching! adidas new shoes Tide girl must have a single product!

Pointed shoes are more suitable for mature women or usually wear a more sexy sister, leather stitching is new adidas shoes also easy to wear elastic, toe feet more suitable for thin feet, feet too big girl should also be careful when choosing Head is relatively long Oh! If you are not satisfied with your height? And can not control high heels? Then you choose a loose cake at the end of the shoes can not be wrong, easy to control, but also to meet your increased demand, square of the toe, leather texture, can be used with cortex wide leg pants.