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Teach you how to pick sandals to show you beautiful feet

Summer comes, sandals adidas new shoes are every woman must dress up a single product. When choosing sandals, many girls think that as long as the trend will be able to buy a good shoe, wear clothing fashionable style, in fact, this idea completely wrong! Only to recognize their own foot type, which type of sandals best suited to this type of foot, taking into account the current trend of the wind in order to make their feet in this season blooming more charming wind color!

The following are a few common types of foot type: ankle thick type, wide soles of the feet, toes flush adidas outlet type, skinny type, flesh and foot type and the middle of the toe, to see which one you belong to.

Sensual type

This kind of foot type and wide soles of the feet, the foot is actually quite small, feet are usually very white, but the only problem is more meat, looks chubby, and some kind of baby fat feeling. Has always been able to take the lovely line of girls want to change the image of the feet will feel a bit tricky.

Sandals pick tips:

This season's popular bundled sandals can be a good split feet, so that the feet are a lot of vision in the thin. Simple T-shaped sandals with simple design to win, the same suitable for fat feet crush, make you look more generous and more elegant.

Foot skull type

This is a very common and most frightening foot type. Feet inside the big toe position, two protruding big bones always in an instant to destroy the shape of the shoes, but also destroy the perfect dignified look of the image, really annoying.

Sandals pick tips:

With the bones of the bones of the feet do not be discouraged, to deal with this season's sandals purchase plan, select the feet on both sides of the tight style, dark lace, mesh and other materials as the first choice, metal rivets, The sense of expansion of the material disabled, retro strap detail to seize the eyes, prominent foot bone hidden in the tight side of the shoe is not too eye-catching.

Toe flat type

Strictly speaking, this foot type is not a flaw, many crush have this foot type, and in addition to delicate feminine pointed shoes try a bit tricky, the other styles are very good to wear. It is worth mentioning that the open-toed high adidas sale heels and this type of crush match degree is very high Oh.

Sandals pick tips:

Fish mouth high heels is the most suitable for flat toes cute crush to the interpretation of the sandals style, revealing the design of the three toes just right, the fish is too small or too big will make the front of the feet look wide, destruction of feet beauty.

Bone type

In this era of thin for the United States, with thin feet is not a very perfect thing, with the issue of what type of foot relationship, in fact, anything to the extreme will be counterproductive. Too thin feet, blue veins prominent, root phalanx shocking, which is a terrible state.

Sandals pick tips:

Feet are too slender crush strong sense of bone is often adidas new shoes counterproductive, people feel uncomfortable feeling. Cover the protruding blood vessels and phalanges become necessary, satin folds shoes and twist floral style are good, vivid sense of the volume and rich floral Figure Eucalyptus in addition to attract the line of sight, but also to make the feet look more full The

Ankle stout type

With this type of foot type of crush often skeleton is relatively large, ankle prominent and eye-catching, look tough and lack of soft feeling. Summer hot weather, replace the trousers short dress to make the stout ankle instant exposure to others under the vision, the pursuit of the perfect girl can not sit on the small details Oh, pick the right sandals style can solve this problem!

Sandals pick tips:

Fashionable and avant-garde boots sandals is this type of foot type crush heart water choice, its height just to cover the ankle, feet on the use of paper-like hollow design, is this year's hot, but also catch people's eyes Key details.

Feet wide

Large forefoot is not only belong to the Westerners and tall girls Oh, some small girls but also a long pair of annoying wide flat enough to become the focus of others eyes, choose the shoes when it is very embarrassing. Canvas shoes and sports shoes is almost always the choice of shoes.

Sandals pick tips:

Feet too wide girls this season, but in disguise, improved version of the Roman sandals than the previous season has a more trendy design, but also more popular. Metal-colored hardware to add a sense of toughness, select the strong contraction of the dark lines also have better concealer effect.