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The feet should wear fish head high heels, show white and tender feet

Whether it is before or now, high heels are women's favorite. Men can not understand, women for high heels in the end how deep, fish mouth elements make your feet shine. Put it instantly away feet shortcomings, but also adidas new shoes modified leg curve, was significantly thin. So magical single product, you do not come a dozen? The Simple personality of the fish mouth shoes is the most concerned about every year fashion sandals. Refreshing and generous version of the simple and elegant lines designed to bring us a very large beauty, so that we feel different from the exquisite atmosphere, elegant design and simple and generous image, bringing noble and simple visual impression, Memorable. Refreshing and comfortable sandals is a good partner in the summer out of the street, whether it is thick or fine with, with or without waterproof platform for the elegant foot curve is the sandals of the most important, especially the toe top Fish-mouth type hollow processing, by the people's favorite, sexy and with little sweet, simple yet stylish. Micro-exposed toe feel very sexy, painted in the beautiful finger color, whether it is adidas new shoes with a skirt, or pants, are very wild, wearing high heels can make people's perspective greatly improved, with a high-handed or at least Height of the shock.

Wearing high heels is bound to women's buttocks, legs, waist and so play a plastic and prominent adidas shoes role, will make the women's curves more beautiful. The most attractive part of the women is also highlighted by the high heels of these parts. High heels can make women exudes mature charm. High heels can increase the height, you can increase the beauty of slender body. Generally speaking, the general height of women is lower than the general height of men, high heels can effectively increase the appearance of beauty from the skin, tall body makes women more rich charm. High heels are always able to set off the graceful posture of women and beautiful curves. High heels, pointed shoes, loose shoes ... ... a pair of fashion, beautiful shoes, women are essential charm weapons. Make up for the shortcomings of short, is the body is not short, wearing high heels will look more slender body. At the same time, wearing high heels can also make people chest abdomen, look spirit. Since the advent of high heels, it has been favored by the beauty of women, because it wear it, adidas shoes not help will be head, chest, abdomen, filling the female curve style. High heels can increase the charm of women from many aspects. Not only a small stature of women can wear high heels, tall women can wear high heels to increase their own charm