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The most basic canvas shoes to wear so! To save your "delicate cancer"

Basal canvas shoes are generally thin soles, almost no increase in function, so the leg type for the height of the upper plays adidas women a key role. First of all, if you are a long and straight fairy you can skip this question. However, if your leg type is not perfect, when wearing shorts or skirts, we must carefully choose high to help canvas shoes. High-top canvas shoes cover the thinnest adidas superstar ankles of the legs, visually reducing the length of the legs and easily exposing leg defects. More developed calf muscle paper sister did not have to be careful, as long as the ankle up to the visual easy to highlight the raised position in the calf, if coupled with a card in the knee length skirt, instantly become elephant legs. So you are not satisfied with your leg type, in the case of light legs or choose to easily manage the low help canvas shoes more insurance. In the above height to help select the time has said, in the case adidas new shoes of more exposed legs upper longer easy to expose the shortcomings. But put on a modification of the leg lines of jeans, you can easily solve. You can also choose long enough to cover the long cowboy, loose money at this time will be more lazy than the tight models, but also more fashionable Oh. In order to significantly high, you can skillfully use the color extension of the leg visually "stretched."

For example, put on and put on similar colors, the legs to the legs visually connected together, looks like legs will be unlimited extension. Try to avoid the color is too jumping compared with the underwear, this will cut off the legs of the line, can not afford the role of body modification. Gentle camel coat and white single product combination is very pleasing, may wish to try with black canvas shoes instead of feminine high heels, remove the sense of serious more leisure is not deliberately. Canvas shoes = sports wind Of course not! With casual canvas shoes with the skirt already not new, with a neutral canvas shoes with fairy skirts, skirts will be removed weakness, the mother combined with play slip! Difficult to get away from gorgeous fur elements of a single product, you can also use canvas adidas originals shoes pure to neutralize, the two together will have a wonderful chemical reaction Oh. Serious and serious profile suits can also use the basic section of canvas shoes to weaken the gas field, the overall shape more natural.