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The original shoe also shelf life, not wearing the longer the better!

Life, we will pay attention to food shelf life is easy to ignore the durability of some durable goods, shoes is one of them. Here the "expired" often refers to the shoes "not suitable", the shoes are not suitable for you can wear, but will be harmful to the human body.

It is like running shoes, with the passage of time, the function will be degraded: its shock absorption, buffer and balance performance will gradually degenerate to disappear. Wear inappropriate running shoes running, will undoubtedly have a lot of pressure on the joints and thighs.

Can be seen, long-term wear a pair of shoes is not suitable for their own foot damage big!

Why do you want to go in the afternoon?

In fact, long standing or sedentary easy adidas sneakers to lead to poor blood circulation of the lower limbs caused by the afternoon will be more early swelling. So, should be selected in the afternoon shoes.

1, how to calculate the appropriate shoes?

Many people think that is not small, just right, in fact, wrong. Should be - toes and toes should be left a horizontal position. 2, what kind of shoes comfortable?

In fact, comfortable = reasonable structure, which is involved in the shoes of the reverse line, if the adidas shop shoes of the reverse line is very good with the feet reverse line, then even comfortable. 1, flat shoes, loose shoes harm

Flat shoes

Seemingly comfortable but harmful to the foot health, wearing this shoe can not get effective support of the arch, may give the knee, hips and back to adversely affect the lack of support for the arch may also lead to plantar fasciitis.

Loose shoes

With thick and hard soles, which makes the movement of the foot when the movement is not coordinated.

There was a media report - a girl in the stairs, due to loose shoes encountered obstacles to fall into the adidas outlet floor to lead to tragedy. Can be seen when the foot trying to bend, thick and hard soles will be from the stems, prone to danger, in addition to if the roots of the shoes much higher than the front, but also to the metatarsal bring additional pressure.

2, high heels is not only harm

Five cm below the high heels on the foot or good, can increase the flexibility of the arch, walking more easily and powerful. The premise is to fit and wear the heel to support the body after some weight, spare time to relax the feet.

Q, my feet normal? How to self-test

A, look at the color of the foot

Usually our feet are rosy, if any part of the sudden swelling and pain adidas stan smith should pay attention to, and this is the most common gout of the onset of gynecological arthritis.

B, blood circulation is not smooth

The feet are swollen, the color is dark and the toes are black.

C, from the shoes wear point of view

Normal shoes are generally worn out of the shoe heel

D, foot pain for more than 72 hours