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The story of a pair of high heels: the sexy power of the original from it ah

Yesterday whims wearing high heels. Then accidentally put his foot adidas stan smith worn. Sitting in front of a pile of shoes, deep I began to think about life. Those pairs of high heels, clamoring out are independent self-confidence high-spirited wisdom extraordinary adidas outlet extraordinary woman force, oh no, is the woman's strength. "Although I do not know who invented high-heeled shoes first, all women should thank him." Stature adidas shop is extremely important. High heels, on the other hand, forced women to straighten their biceps biceps, making them more attractive and creating the appearance of a more slender leg. After the Second World War, the famous shoes designer Roger Weweier created a stiletto heel, it appears more deeply this function, and make women show "incredible sexy beauty", high heels fanatical hobby adidas tennis shoes Marilyn Monroe once declared: "Give the girl a pair of shoes, you can conquer the entire world." By the 1960s, high heels have become less favored, for the "Youth Storm" style revolution It is too "mature", while for new-generation feminists it is too troublesome.

Until the 1980s, a large number of women into the workplace, men feel threatened, ambitious and began to be considered a negative factor in social life. High heels provide a solution, tall "high heels" that can imply each other, women's success is not just because of her business acumen, the use of high heels, working women through sexy "power" to manipulate others. New autumn and winter single shoes, this section with a sexy fashion design. Metallic willow lit the popular elements throughout the shoe. Slender sexy at the same time give you a sense of comfort. Sliced ??sheepskin surface and patent leather make you do different publicity!