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This season, do not want to miss a pair of Martin boots!

Once again, the arrival of the fall and winter, Martin boots can be said that this season is the most suitable for a single product, and its special retro styling is also very suitable for clothing with the fall, but also a wild paragraph, no matter with sweet cute skirt Or handsome pants are suitable, the biggest advantage of Martin boots will be more beautiful across. Because of the leather, Martin boots are very sturdy and elastic. After a period of running in, the shape of the Martin boots suits the shape of the owner's calf, making it retro and more textured. So everyone's Martin boots shape to adidas superstar the end are not the same, it is like your friends, each pair of Martin boots are unique! How to wear good Martin boots? The following small finishing five Martin boots with the guidelines, take a look at it! 1. Choose the height of shoes Martin boots have 8 holes, 10 holes, 14 holes and 20 holes of the points, according to the length of your legs to choose your height, the adidas sale number of holes of Martin boots. If your proportion of the legs in general, or the leg line is not perfect, do not try the tube or high cylinder Martin boots, it will cut off from the middle of the legs will be thick and short leg Oh!

Shoelaces to wear Although a lot of street shots we all put the shoelaces baggy, looks cool, but the people in the picture are one meter eighty-one meter supermodel ah! For us ordinary people who do not have these legs, or wear shoes well! Loose boots will cover the most delicate part of the ankle, not only without the calf lines, but also look ! However, do not tie all the holes like tying dumplings, it is best to stay out of the top row of holes, so that the formation of a V-shaped shoes, stretching lines to play the visual effects of legs, there are thin effect Oh . 3. With a skirt is not bad Some sister may think sweet and lovely skirt is not suitable with a handsome Martin boots, it is not true, Martin boots with a skirt with a sweet adidas shoes little wild feeling, look good, but also significant was Leg length effect. Away from the color Martin boots Xiaobian Martin boots or the most classic style is the best look, but also with a good match, and the candy color and the big suit is not so good with, if you are not wearing masters or try not to try, do not wear Good local atmosphere has become full ah, or honestly wear a solid texture of Martin boots it ~

You can try other versions of the pants Martin boots with the match is not limited to the Leggings and jeans, in fact, with the other version of the pants are also very taste, such as the recent super fire wide leg pants, not only thin and there is a walk With the wind, cool feeling!