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To fat sister: wear high heels can be thin?

A lot of babies will say, wearing high heels for a long time will be on the calf fat into muscle, fried chicken difficult to cut down! Leg type has become very ugly, just like the legs stuffed the same meat, convex, short skirts did not dare to wear it ~ by scientific research and experiments proved: 4 to 6 cm heel to lose weight best! Walking is also conscious of the knee forward, not toward the sides! The Walking the calf should also drive the thigh, so that the whole leg muscles are moving up; walking do not heel step, as far as possible the first center of the first foot, not only can reduce the pressure when walking leg, but also make the heel to the ground Pedal tone as much as possible to reduce.

And choose the shoes are also very particular about: sandals, fish mouth shoes or do not choose friends ~ all-inclusive high-heeled, with the feet more fit shoes for the best! The front of the shoes can not be very tight, beautiful small shoes will increase the burden of walking when you walk! Slope with thick shoes with the pair is always more suitable for the baby! To a greater extent to slow down the foot of the pressure, more relaxed and comfortable friends ~ pointed hairy shoes really super nice! However, if you stand seven or eight hours a day, or do not find their own crime it! Always sit baby can choose ~ pointed really more Western style, but also more temperament ~ of course, for the United States, by the point of fear of fear! Small shoes are good to wear, good with really is the best friends ~ a pair of hands ~ heel is not high, non-slip rubber at the end of wearing a very comfortable ~ cortex is very soft, squat will not feel uncomfortable, wearing very Delicate look

Feel thin and tiring, the slope is really nothing to feel ~ ~ This is still muffled, not only increase the comfort yet. The foundation is also very soft, black is also very good with, but also very atmospheric, dwarf music shoes to start friends ~ temperament is not just fine with yo ~ this ink green small series super like! Dark green super color white Super-temperament color! Thick with the station for a long time not tired, casual clothes can take ~

Four centimeters height is not tiring ~ suede material will not look very old-fashioned ~ wear is also very delicate. Although it is pointed, but not very crowded feet. Deep shoes with a good, as long as the leisure section can control ~ heel high 3.5, slightly increased, do not wear high-heeled shoes is not the elegant, but there are flat shoes comfort. Feet relatively wide sister paper, this shoe is not crowded yo ~ color version adidas originals is not easy to out of date simple style with the fact that there is a very sweet atmosphere da, pear on the back of the pearl is very chic, the overall feeling is particularly exaggerated Feel the quality of fried chicken! It is very wild, go out there is a face, barefoot wear more yo on both sides of the V-shaped design super nice, super chic ~ feet very comfortable, that is not Ge feet, the tip will not be crowded feet, step With it go out to go to lose weight go ~ there will be unexpected surprises