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Turn fur boots, so care is easy and worry!

The weather turned cool, but also to the big dress of the season, the beauty of the girls of course, from head to toe are big new friends. Into the late autumn, the most popular girls popular shoes, it is simple and generous style, easy to control a variety of styles, and boots are really strong, stylish and wild, so that you resist the cold at the same time let you among the trend Line. There are many types of boots, we need to choose according to different characteristics of the type of boots. Generally the female body type is divided into V-type, A-type, H-type, X-type and O-type five kinds of their own limitations on the decision adidas boots to wear what kind of boots look good. V-shaped body of women, choose pointed boots, because the V-shaped body of the majority of women full chest, hip hip fast, lower body slim slim, so pointed boots can effectively stretch your legs lines, so that your stature more perfect. A type of female women choose knee high heel boots, this type of buttocks larger and wide, thicker thighs, generally speaking lower body wide, obese, compared to the upper half is relatively thin. Boots can extend the proportion of lower body, weaken the large part of the visual effects. H-type body women can choose cool motorcycle boots, this type of female waist lines are not obvious, the overall body up and down vertical. Cool full of motorcycle boots can continue straight lines, subvert the traditional body of the curve of the stringent requirements.

X-type women choose narrow-pointed boots, this type of female chest and buttocks full, waist with slender curvature. Tip boots can highlight the body as a whole filled with a sense of lines. O-type women can choose simple and rough with the boots, this type of women are mostly obese, chest, waist circumference, hip and leg are relatively large. Boots can move your body's center of gravity down, weakening the exaggeration of large dimensions. Women's light boots, intensive in the end, to strengthen the cushioning, can be timely and effective rebound, soles shock absorption wear. Anti-fur upper, relaxed and soothing. Shoe lace design, enhance the overall sense of fashion. Women's fashion boots, toe and shoes side by the plastic composition, anti-splashing shoes are particularly suitable for walking in the snow. The design of the sole lines plus the thick texture of the rubber, non-slip wear, easy to deal with snow weather. Double eleven period, Skye home a lot of concessions, pre-sale goods can be doubled over the deposit, a variety of coupons can be superimposed to use! A wide range of boots, in recent years, turned fur boots in the forefront of the trend, loved by the majority of girls, but the more difficult to turn the hair shoes, and how to clean it? How to clean the tidbits in the life of adidas new shoes a small coup? The following Xiaobian to recommend a few strokes in the life of fur boots cleaning adidas store small coup. 1. Fold the fur is generally easy to contaminate the dust so the first step first ash. You can use a vacuum cleaner, you can also use a dry cloth cloth brush gently rub. 2. With a special brush to turn the shoes. Note that the copper surface mainly handles stained parts and polished parts. First with a rubber face in one direction to brush the fur shoes, side seam with the side. Stains at the heavy circle kneading, and then rubbed with copper wire. 3. wipe with a wet sponge again, the upper wet. The purpose is to mainly deal with water-soluble substances. 4. Shake the detergent on the surface. With rubber brush back and forth repeatedly brush the fiber on both sides of the difficult to wash the oil are removed, dirty foam with tidal sponge dry. 5. dry ten minutes, so turn the fur hair slightly adidas originals dry, and some wet with a rubber face in a direction to brush, so that the hair spread, finishing. Of course, not to say that cleaning everything on the whole, but also need to carry out the next step of the nursing work. To clean the turn of the shoes on the shade in the cool half an hour, and so on after the shoes dry shoes to protect the newspaper, from the shoe 15 cm uniform spray on the agent. The renewal agent contains a light agent, a colloid (adhesion to other substances), a pigment, a solvent (soluble substance), and the like. The purpose of spray regeneration agent is mainly complementary color. Black tipped leather shoes and so on for a long time easy to understand, it is best to use the original color renewal agent. First, the hairy leather shoes are generally moldy three kinds of mold, oil cream, salt cream and mold cream, cream can be used when the iron ironing, melting, and then use the banana peel wiping the shoes on the shoes, salt cream treatment is, Will dry shoes, and then damp cloth (such as wring dry towel) gently wipe salt cream, and other salt cream disappeared, will turn the hairy leather shoes to dry. The treatment of the mold is that the treatment of the mold can be wiped with a soft cloth dampened with alcohol (1: 1) solution to the mold of the frosted leather shoes and then dried in a ventilated place. If you turn the fur shoes taste, then we take the turning shoes of the nursing method is what? Moldy must have a smell on the use of drops into the geranium essential oil, or into the cotton balls with lemon oil, can remove the frosted shoes within the moldy smell. Turn the boots in the warm autumn and winter season is the best, good care of your fur shoes, so that fur shoes can protect your feet longer