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Unlock three kinds of sports shoes, early spring out of the street to more fashionable!

High-heeled shoes were encirclement of the sports shoes industry, said to wear sports shoes without any temperament. This does not agree. Like high heels or sneakers are small fairies. Sports shoes is not a single sporty wind, many styles and styles, with a good will make you hundreds of different charm to come. Light gray anti-fur and white stitching together very texture. The use of the elements of the stripes just right, whether it is shoelaces or shoes are very smooth lines. The material of the gauze greatly reduces the weight of the shoes, so that you run up more zero burden. Shoelace part of the double design, not easy to spread, it is very convenient to exercise the intimate design. Three-color stitching and leather, anti-fur and gauze mix and match, is a very personalized adidas sneakers shoes. Especially behind the foot to do a friction design, to solve the skin because of running and worn the problem.

A very flexible and pants, through the elastic stretch of the waist, to help you raise the adidas shoes curve of the buttocks, so that the lower body looks more curved type. Through the stitching skills, the style of the flip legs are done in place, and then with the tear on the design, very fashion sense. Version is also very relaxed and comfortable. Muffled soles of the pressure line is used to be real material of the car line, strong and fine, the quality is very good. At the same time the soles of the material is also very slippery, easy walking and safe. Stitching sewing techniques, so that the shoes have some pure hand-high quality. While the soles can be easily folded with the soft bottom, it is stepping on the comfort of cotton experience. It is no exaggeration to say that this shoe is the most unique design of its wide shoelaces, publicity personality revealed no doubt. Soles side of the show the effect of matte material, with a sense of retro. Light gray chiffon, elegant and elegant, it is suitable for literary and artistic girls, pleated skirt and tighten the design of the speaker cuffs, all show the elegance of girls.

Skirt part of the side of the pleated design to show the asymmetrical style, it is fashionable. Package hip style most afraid of encounter too tight, A word skirt pendulum just to solve this problem. Brown and adidas shop white stitching soles, a kind of chocolate feeling, as if this adidas stan smith pair of shoes is also a sweet work. Unlike the elegant pastry, it looks cool. This pair of shoes cut the curvature is fat, rounded the overall sense will make the call look small, want to make a lot of girls like. Even inside are pink, we can see the girl heart. Bright light pink is the Department of Meng Department, but with the black and gray, the style is quite different, more sports atmosphere, looks very handsome and handsome.