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Want to keep returning Put on fashion round shoes!

In general, in order to avoid mistakes and was jokes, we will tend to choose a more conservative low-key clothes color and style, lower body pants or skirt, but we all wear such a low profile, but also how to stand out, this time you You need a pair of shoes can be blind blind eyes, that is round shoes ~ This is a very simple yet monotonous shoes, the upper use of beautiful PU patent leather fabric, natural color uniform, smooth and beautiful, both beautiful and good fight adidas boots Management, wearing a comfortable and breathable, walking up very easy, the upper use of classic metal buckle to embellishment, as the adidas sale highlight of the upper, shoes from the inside out will not seem very exaggerated, all the mix is ??just a good selection The first layer of leather, soft and comfortable not boring feet, round design is not crowded feet, so that the feet are more free, breathable inside, deodorant and sweat, small slope with the design, increased not tired feet, thin legs, Wear, both soft cushioning function, light and comfortable new experience, with a diamond shoe embellishment, the whole shoe is also thin and beautiful United States da da.

Fashionable pointed + small V design, the overall wear super small feet and very thin, high-quality selection of PU, comfortable and breathable, there will be no sense of foot, the soles are very soft, black and gun color, Take the highlights of the shoes in the heel of the bow decoration, so tough lines suddenly soft up, the upper feet of the United States Oh. Exquisite square design, stylish atmosphere, bright lace to enhance the overall temperament of the shoes, fashion flat with the design, elegant graceful in a touch of lively rate of gesture, the best material produced foot pad, skin-friendly breath, give both feet thoughtful Care, bring a day of happy mood, tendon outsole, wear non-slip, easy to walk, more comfortable experience. Shoes are excellent, very comfortable to wear, very soft key is not grinding feet, fine workmanship, color super nice, green, brown two feet very skin white, toe hollow + bow design, Good to take clothes, cost-effective Oh, like MM do not miss Yo.

Fashionable pointed design, the foot is too thin feet, PU fabric comfortable and breathable, soles of the ultra-soft, toe sequins blingbling Oh, the whole shoe is really good to wear, style is great, like Oh, whether it is skirt or pants , Can easily match it, adidas store the goddess Fan full, seconds change fashion up to people Oh. Simple and elegant bow, clean and neat, simple and elegant, full of rich and temperament, the cortex inside the design, so that the whole pair of shoes to wear more comfortable, more fashionable, tendon outsole, soles toughness, wear solid, Texture carving, increase friction, anti-skid level increase, not easy to fall, super good with Oh The use of suede fabric, more stylish young, breathable and comfortable, refined inside, fine production, with good comfort, care of their own, from the soles of the feet, flat with the design, leading the fashion trend, wear comfortable and comfortable, non-slip wear soles, Simple bow hit color decoration, super-feet thin Oh.