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Want to wear high heels is not tired, buy it very easy to use!

Most adidas store of the baby who are high-heeled shoes are love-hate, buy a pair of beautiful high-heeled shoes, not how many roads, feet were worn skin. If a woman is not a few pairs of high heels that are not happy, wearing beautiful and very happy. But sometimes very lucky to buy high heels do not wear the foot, but go out for a long time to wear a long foot or pain ah, often go home to put on flat shoes that moment of happiness have tears to fall! But even if the feet tortured, but also stop the love of high heels! Do you think that we are so hard only to show it? Tell us, we are all good for dressing Well! So for the United States, we have been tolerant!

However, recently a foreign blogger called, and you like, like the beauty of high heels, but hate to wear high heels pain. In order adidas shop to find how to wear high heels can not pain the best way. She had the silicone insole, toe separator, transparent tape, cotton balls one by one to try, she did these experiments with the general way to do the same experiment, first to a control group, so the adidas outlet first day, she was directly naked Wear, to see what measures did not do the case, to adhere to how long the overall adidas originals feeling: more than imagined to wear for a long time, but really hurt, put on flat that moment really grateful.

My feet are relatively wide, usually very difficult to buy their own satisfaction shoes, this shoe on the feet feel good to see, it will not be too tired, the overall feeling comfortable, but it does not matter, and look is the key. Shoes, apricot, good look, good with clothes, followed by shoes do not wear too heavy, will not feel tired, shoe code standards, thin feet will wear a good look, foot and more recommended a freshman code, the shoes will be a little taste, Blowing blow enough, the shoes of the packaging very few girls. Very happy a shopping, get out after wearing a walk around, not tired, heels do not hurt, with the height is suitable, with black pants great, very temperament.

Shoes look good, very good to wear, obviously white legs with a long skirt to wear, go out with the little sister to eat several times to ask me where to buy. Wild simple section, very good with, spring wear is appropriate! Code number comparison standard.