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Wear high heels, to a romantic date

Experienced a whole summer home life, the sister who can have been tempted to live their own little deer hit a small heart of the bar, hot summer, my sister are reluctant to go out, that summer is over, is not Hurry up about the gods come out to eat a meal? Since the date, my sister is the most sloppy clothes is the match. Thousands of style charm to adidas originals wear, or fashion trend of charm, exquisite makeup, but also let the gods heart. But tangled things will always be, everything is ready, in the end should wear a pair of what kind of shoes, it has become the biggest problem. High heels blooming elegant sexy charm, or flat shoes highlights the small fresh it, in fact, in some important occasions, Xiao Bian or advise the crush are one, high heels is your choice, slender legs rely on high heels set off it. And high heels both play a role in improving the temperament, but also instantly bring out your full of feminine, this is really safe and comfortable flat shoes can bring you. But the high heels wearing tired feet is that we can not ignore an important issue, which is the problem of her adidas sale sister hesitated it

Then how to choose a suitable for their own high heels, which have to see the crush can control the ability, Xiaobian for everyone to choose a few good high heels, I hope you can successfully captured the goddess Oh Selection of high-quality patent leather material, the surface is more bright, more texture. Temperament pointed design, more prominent feminine. High-quality PU skin inside, more comfortable and breathable. Thin high-heeled, more prominent body, more temperament. Personalized fine with the design, generous fashion, full range of children Fan. Selection of high quality suede material to help face, more with texture. Soles lap set rivet design, more personalized fashion. Pointed design, very feminine, elegant temperament. Round square toe, exclusive to create custom last, not crowded feet, to reduce the sense of fatigue. Super soft thick latex pad, soft and comfortable, more relaxed. One word buckle design, adjustable elastic, comfortable not off with, more stylish and generous.

Thin heel design, can easily outline the curves of her sister, more significant was significant temperament. Simple nude color design, simple and generous. Elegant pointed design, more temperament, highlighting the feminine. Sexy tip to increase the charm of women, but also very good to protect the toes, comfortable and sexy coexist. Quality inside, care of your feet. Combined with human mechanics design, wearing comfortable uncomfortable feet, very sexy fashion. Wine cup with the design, stable and comfortable. Selection of high-quality folding wear-resistant soft sheep anti-skin, full of texture, more soft and comfortable. Fashion personality fight color word new adidas shoes buckle, generous fashion, full of personality. Non-slip breathable ultra-fiber inside, soft breathable, more comfortable feet.

Selection of Gree special fabric refined, light breathable, soft texture, with soles of the pattern, leisure personality full. Comfortable PU leather inside, moderate thickness, good foot feeling. Carefully designed with the end of the TPU characteristics, into the anti-skid shading, both adidas outlet anti-skid anti-skid, and comfortable wear. Featured high-quality horse oil skin, texture clear, good toughness, good gloss, high texture Inside and around are soft and delicate ultra-fiber, soft and comfortable. Ergonomic design followed by walking uncomfortable feet, piercing your self-confidence temperament.