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What kind of shoes should the suit with? 6 strokes to teach you

Tomorrow, Mr. L and sister sister back home to the New Year, ba sister early for him to prepare a handsome suit, he stood in the cloak between playing for a long time, I went to ask him how he did not know what to wear Shoes Wow, once that slovenly people began to pay attention, and today ba sister and we talk about how your suit with the shoes. 1, stone suit looks the best match: grayish brown, light brown, navy blue. Try to avoid: black. When it comes to spring and summer, there is nothing more suitable than the season for light-colored suits. Beige, light sand khaki, light color to become the dominant summer.

2, light gray suit looks the best match: brown, black, try to avoid: color shoes. Will be provided to the beginners with a good opportunity to try simple wild. When it comes to mixing and matching, any color is a good choice, or let your accessories to decide what style to wear the adidas outlet most suitable for the overall style, but the color of the shoes is too publicity, not suitable for office atmosphere.

3, brown suit looks the best match: brown, dark brown, red wine. Try to avoid: black. Brown suit, impeccable advantage is to keep the overall style very coordinated. But the black and brown mix should not be mixed in the formal occasions, too solemn not only fashion sense no, but also reduce your affinity.

4, dark gray suit looks the best match: wine red, black. Try to avoid: tan, brown. A pair of black leather shoes and your dark gray suit will be perfect match, you can also choose the classic feeling of partial buckle. In addition, try to ensure that your shoes simple and generous, do not have too many design elements.

5, blue suit looks the best match: red, dark brown, oxblood. Try to avoid: white shoes. Blue suit is a lot of young people into the workplace of the best choice, not only young dynamic, but also has a certain sense of fashion. Red brown and black are a good choice with the blue, but must pay attention to the style of unity, and try not to choose white shoes, if you do not want to wear in the office like a hippie of the last century.

6, black suit looks the best match: black. Try to avoid: brown, brown. This may be the easiest decision of the combination of shoes and clothes, a black suit with black leather shoes. Will you choose the shoes?