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White shoes dirty do not hurry to throw! This is like a new brush

A pair of white shoes as a girl staff really not too much, a good match with white shoes and comfort are we all see, the benefits though more, but a lot of disadvantages, easy to dirty yellow i is a big disadvantage, adidas originals A little carelessness will appear this girl is shy. However, when your little white shoes become dirty, there is no need to immediately throw, small series to teach you a little coup will be white second! White shoes dirty do not hurry to throw! Use this brush as a new one! Prepare a toothbrush for use at home and discarded toothbrushes that do not need to be reused, and squeeze some toothpaste onto the toothbrush. Then the toothpaste on the adidas shoes toothbrush to adidas sneakers spread the shoes yellow and dirty place, and hard to brush adidas new shoes until the yellow part of the shoes so white. Finally washed with clean shoes again, this time found that the original dirty and yellow shoes immediately became white and new. The method is very simple, the use of chemicals inside the toothpaste, combined with the stains of small white shoes, will be able to effectively off the stain, and then rinse away, is not it easy? Small white shoes made of leather, black and white, so that he looks very own character, both with sporty style, without losing the comfort of simple taste, wearing a feel with.

Shallow mouth design, wear very cool, lace build, looks full of youthful atmosphere. Flat-bottomed design achievements of a woman's comfort, compared to high heels, he is more considerate of female feet. Within the increase to create a small white shoes, to go up a lot of tall, pure white, without any other taste, looks like a classic and Joker models, do not be gaudy, we should minimalist style. Winter also wear white shoes, which add a little velvet, it is very warm, and increased shoes to build sports shoes, with leather material, looks very expensive ah.