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Why does your shoes look cheap? After reading it!

I believe there are a lot of sister paper encountered such a situation, obviously wearing a pair of very high shoes, but do not say into A goods or spread the goods may be the mind will be silent people do not know the goods, but the truth Is that right? Shoes are particularly important for a woman, a good pair of shoes can increase your temperament, not suitable for the overall shape will make you divide! I believe girls have a certain favorite of the shoes for waterproof platform, adidas boots especially for small girls, high waterproof platform is the style that can not be rejected. But no matter how expensive shoes, new style, high waterproof platform will always give people a sense of cheapness. First waterproof platform will be leg lines do not look good, looks like a donkey hoof, and walking will be very inconvenient. In the adidas originals choice of style, try to avoid this type of shoes, if there is a preference for the waterproof platform, choose a modest height, while maintaining elegance will be more comfortable.

Peas shoes easy to take ride and comfort, Wan did not lose white shoes, all styles can choose to take, and especially by age, then we have to choose the style of Peas shoes, toe and more round head Design, but this pair, we made some adjustments, toe made a pointed design, stylish moment up there ~ no fit shoes, whether it is too large or too small, will let you walk posture Become weird, at the same time give you the overall shape minus points! At the same time make people feel greatly reduced your impression, but also easy to hurt their own feet. In the selection of shoes before we must understand the size of the shoes, each pair of shoes will be different sizes. The best shoes in adidas stan smith the store when buying shoes, so as to buy shoes for feet. Edition is the kind of return to the original kind of more delicate and delicate shoes, for girls who do not look good feet have adidas outlet a good grooming effect, this section uses horse hair as the outer layer, horse hair is zui tight , Then cowhide noodles, zui flexible sheepskin, these fabrics combine to ensure the comfort of the shoes. Perhaps a pair of distinctive shoes can make you look very eye-catching in the crowd, but it will also make you significantly lower the price. For example, bows, diamonds, sequins, leopard and other elements alone decorated look very nice, but together, it will appear abrupt. Most of the time, simple basic models can look great. Not too much decoration and embellishment, but also easy to wear out of fashion sense, but also with you can give you more choices!

A pair of boots that seem to have a story seem to have been with you for years, after years of ups and downs, into an old but familiar look. PU leather upper fabric is processed into the original retro leather texture, a clear texture and pores, feel rough feel. Rub color round head full and straight, more inclusive feet, bringing a sense of comfort feet. No matter what kind of style, joined the heavy metal elements will make the whole pair of shoes look no beauty. Although adding rivet elements will make the whole pair of shoes look more personality, full of punk flavor; but too much metal elements easy to make the whole pair of shoes appear bulky, but without any beauty. Appropriate rivet elements will maintain the balance of shoes, feet will not appear particularly heavy, there is no overwhelming feeling. More suitable as your daily mix, therefore, to maintain the balance of metal elements is very important. Lazy boots style, simple and excellent design, while wild pretty tolerance, not too much decoration. Add a rivet element, so that the entire pair of shoes a little more handsome, just the right height to ensure the comfort of feet, very suitable autumn and winter wear Oh ~ ~