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Why is a woman so obsessed with high heels? Original and character related

Nine adidas stan smith or nine women have a stuffed with a wide range of shoes, shoes, sports shoes, flat sandals and high heels style is more! But only high heels is located in a higher position, it is wearing uncomfortable, difficult to walk. Long wear high heels, will give feet, knees and strap damage. Why can women still obsessed with high heels? This kind of sister paper like to observe, often able to carefully see the needs of each person, and at the right time to give help. Character is relatively contradictory, hot and cold, sometimes smart sometimes confused. In the eyes of friends, you are not a person adidas originals who loves the limelight, although the appearance of bright but heart in fact inferiority. Love for you, the partner is your most important person, are on the first, often ignore friends. The pursuit of the two is a stable happiness. Contradictory and tangled you want to show but shy you, especially in front of the object of love, full of confidence adidas shoes but afraid of embarrassing. Of course, this behavior but let the other side that you are both naive and lovely, you are deeply attracted. Emotional aspects are often too easy to get dead, although the appearance looks very personal, but the heart is more sensitive than the average person, but the injury has shown nothing to look like, will not reveal the fragile side, so their own time for the majority.

For any new things are full of enthusiasm and adventurous spirit, willing to accept the challenge. This kind of sister paper, whether homosexual or heterosexual edge are very good, like to take care of people, we all like to make friends with you, a single know that they are hidden in the elegant appearance of the female man. Thinking clear and eloquent in the workplace you usually have good results, but there will be Taitailielie performance, have the opportunity to be the opposite sex attention, and then rub the spark of love. This kind of sister paper is usually very confident of their own, quite a communication of the wrist, things are organized, very their adidas superstar own principles. Personality aggressive, want to get things will make every effort to complete and get. But it is likely that people think you are too strong, or even difficult to close. Your condition is very good you do not be discouraged, strong character often attract and you like to control the object is quite strong, the emotion is relatively easy to ups and downs.

So, from the psychological point of view, high heels to meet the woman's external vanity, it is the actual physical height for a higher spiritual worship; the height of high heels is inevitable for women to control the performance of one of the self The