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Wild rough heels, to enhance women's elegant fashion Fan!

A pair of rough with the United States shoes, with a charm of the encounter, fresh and elegant temperament allows you to change the goddess, so you have the goddess of temperament. Rough and has become a fashion star of love, give you free and easy temperament, stride the British gas, elongated proportion of beautiful legs, fully demonstrated the beauty of the lines of women, easy to create the tide woman style. Round head designed to meet the female foot type, so that the force of the toes evenly, charming arc tightly attached to the foot, so that the feet look slender; delicate supple inside, heavy warmth, reduce friction with the foot skin; small bow , Static in the upper and more like moving, full of dynamic beauty. Simple toe, the classic lace design, a strong British wind arises spontaneously; rounded toe, to the toe full of activity space, not crowded feet, walking for a long time not tired feet; comfortable inside, artificial short hair Velvet to give you a soft and comfortable foot feeling, sweat exhaust, not dull stuffy. High-quality luxury, elegant and vivid, smooth and beautiful, to create from the inside and outside the shiny; exquisite rough; beautiful and delicate, With, solid and delicate care of your feet.

High-quality high-grade PU material, with good flexibility and comfort, rich high-quality natural luster; rich tide shoe last, classic lace design, exquisite workmanship, delicate sewing process, walking in the forefront of fashion , Highlight the quality. Round the head with a single shoes, British fashion with a small leather adidas women shoes, non-slip wear-resistant tendon at the end, not collapse, no abnormal sound; to help the use of high-quality PU fabric, texture clear and natural, soft texture, comfortable, easy to care; Inside Riga cushion, perspiration breathable, not new adidas shoes dull feet, comfort is very good. The use of high-quality metal material trim, good texture, strong sense of gloss, simple and yet stylish style; breathable suede material of the upper, strong skin feeling, texture clear, comfortable and comfortable, not dull feet sweaty feet; Production of the end, very wear-resistant, with a shoe pattern to increase the slip resistance.

The upper use of high-quality suede material, rich temperament, wearing comfortable; plus velvet and ultra-fiber inside two optional, comfortable and breathable, not sweaty feet, not smelly feet; comfortable rough with, feet fit feet, walking No pressure; rubber soles, unique lines design, walking more anti-skid wear. The upper selection of soft adidas sale suede fabric, texture clear, breathable, fashion sense strong; with metal belt buckle, both simple and will not seem monotonous; simple and stylish adidas shoes with the design, fit the foot curve design, both comfortable Not tired feet.