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With white must have a small white shoes, easy HOLD live all kinds of style

There is a pair of adidas sneakers shoes, super base style, but swept for a long time, heat still. That is wild do not pick people's small white shoes, there are many male stars will use a small white shoes with a suit to wear, by age while breaking the shackles of old age. With casual wear, reckless nature, affinity full. In fact, small white shoes with zero errors are well known, not with or do not want to wear too many fancy boys will choose a small white shoes. A few days ago to see the star airport map to see EXO SUHO wearing a small white shoes with a coat and straight trousers, scholar Fan full, super refined temperament. So the white shoes really is not just wild, with different styles of clothes produced when the different visual effects is also a little bit of it. Super fiber upper, comfortable adidas women and breathable, keep the shoes dry. Fair car line, fine workmanship, durable wear PU + Bu Naili and EVA insole, sweat breathable, comfortable feet to the environment. Rubber outsole, non-slip wear. Low profile LOGO + shoes hit color processing, it is not just a pair of monotonous white shoes, personality and fashionable. Glossy soft leather, comfortable feet, delicate touch smooth. Imported cotton adidas sneakers thread woven shoelaces, wear resistant pull pull. Skin care pig skin inside, protect foot is not grinding feet, sweat breathable. Using foam composite soles, 4CM thick bottom design, effectively elongated body vision ratio, was tall, legs were long, irregular shading grip non-slip.

Light footwear, comfortable walking. Upper leather fabric + double stitch, very strong, durable wear, wear anti-wrinkle. Using wear-resistant cloth inside, paste the foot material design, add rubber foam pad feet, light shock absorption, foot comfort. Wear outsole, walking more robust. Blue-tail hit color design, break the monotonous sense. Little white shoes last year, many stars love a shoe, in the small white shoes on the basis of the integration of small bee embroidery elements and red and green hit color design, classic atmosphere, fashion and exquisite. The first layer of leather, comfortable and breathable. Pig skin inside, the cycle of moisture, keep the shoes dry. Followed by serpentine fight skin, the trend of beautiful. Strengthen the car line to prevent open plastic. Double insoles design, the increase in insoles + massage insoles, stealth increased 3.5 cm, was significantly tall legs, massage pads soothing feet, to bring the foot comfortable experience. High-quality fabrics, wear and tear resistance, and dirt, no longer have to worry about small white shoes difficult to care. Dry breathable cloth inside to ensure that the shoes adidas originals dry. Wear-resistant rubber outsole, non-slip wear, walking more robust. Small white shoes is a special point is not tied shoelaces, so do not worry about walking when the shoelaces scattered or open the problem of inconvenience. Texture first layer of leather, delicate smooth. Pig skin inside, paste foot material design, comfortable and breathable. Non-slip rubber outsole, wear-resistant earthquake.