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Women buy shoes six principles, no fear of shoes grinding feet

Women's shoes are never too many, just like the girls lipstick, although not used, but each color want a, for the same shoes, all kinds of shoes are always want to buy. But it is not good adidas running shoes that many girls will encounter the situation to sell shoes grinding feet, not only grinding feet is someone is very fist, and even bleeding, and simply too much damage to the beauty of the. So how can we choose a pair of suitable shoes for their own, pick the shoes when you have to pay attention to what aspects can not buy shoes do not wear it? Take a look at the round high heels how to choose, the need for the main five major points it! There is practical experience that people in the daytime, the feet will swell, but in the afternoon or at night when it will not, so relatively speaking, close to the evening when the shoes, so that the size is more suitable, but also more accurate, Wearing a comfortable fit. The old saying that the shoes do not fit, only the feet know, so be sure to try, and then adidas stan smith take a few steps to see the road adidas stan smith to know. And because the different brands of code size is not the same standard, so try to try to try their own standard code, try a small half yards and half of the shoes, to ensure that the real fit the size of the foot. The meaning is that if you do not buy back to wear, then it is better not to buy, listening is easy, but many girls see a beautiful shoes like to buy back, and then found no suitable occasions to wear or found not fit, and then wear No more than that. So be sure to be enough, do not wear shoes to give up to buy it!

Go out shopping, in terms of clothing or a little formal, not too casual, people rely on clothes, a lot of time your dress determines the attitude of others on you, and dress fine, try shoes, the effect will be better, Will be more relaxed and happy. If your feet are too large, do not be embarrassed, you can choose the style of the round head, will be reflected in the foot of a small feeling, so to avoid more long foot tip style. Choose shoes, the quality is also a more important issue, to know adidas running shoes the shoes are not grinding shoes in the main size of the shoes, is the texture of the shoes, in general, choose a soft material, wearing will be very comfortable, not Will wear feet