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You and the trend is only a pair of shoes away from the distance

Your shoe is not a pair of shoes? Women love shoes, more love to buy shoes. However, how to buy shoes, do not buy back do not regret, not hurt, fashion and generous and comfortable it? Xiaobian today to introduce you to several kinds of shoes gold skills, smart selection, quickly learn it! Before you buy, to know what you want the style, color, price budget and to attend the occasion, if you discount the goods and the incumbent discourse of the staff no parry of power, minutes and then spike and surrender, Well, this is very important to you. Clear goals, not only can quickly and effectively complete the task, to reduce the long selection of boredom and fatigue, can also keep the reason, easier to pick out their own shoes. In a word, always remember the purpose of this trip out! Autumn and winter to buy shoes, pay attention to fashion and beautiful at the same time, you should also pay attention to warm, especially the ankle. Xiaobian feel dry handsome yet sexy high-heeled high heels, both warm and practical and beautiful fashion, do not reveal the same ankle can be the United States and the United States, is a good choice! The foot to bear the weight of the body, therefore, in the choice of shoes, to take care of the comfort of the foot, do not blindly pursue good-looking, fashion, to ensure a comfortable foot on the basis of concern in fashion too late, only Feet comfortable, in order to get out of the pace is not it! Note fashion is not too late, only feet comfortable, in order to get out of the pace is not new adidas shoes it!

?And in adidas superstar the past pulled the girlfriend to buy shoes different, this may wish to drag a heterosexual friend. Different from the female perspective, from the male aesthetic evaluation of adidas store women's shoes, they are more aware of what shoes are more attractive to the charm of male eyes, may be able to put forward good advice to help you choose the favorite shoes are not necessarily Oh. As the saying goes, the shoes are not fit, only the feet know, so try to try when the more try two sizes, do not be embarrassed, do not be afraid of trouble, better than buy home to find it inappropriate? In view of the different brands of shoes are not the same size, so try their own standard size at the same time, most adidas women of the code and a small half of the code also try on the selection for their own.