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You choose the Ta, the length of the thickness of how much can make you comfortable?

High heels in the end can not wear, how to choose the right with the high? Everyone said, 5 cm comfortable, 8 cm dignified, 10 cm elegant, 12 cm temptation, 16 cm is a torture, 20 cm is simply self-torture. For everyone this kind of high heels both want to close and fear the mood, Xiaobian very serious answer you, no more than 4 cm is ergonomic, too high forward is more serious, more easily lose balance. Some love to wear high heels adidas originals sister paper, their preference for high heels from high heels not only corrected the posture, to maintain the body, and can also be added to the excess fat legs, legs become slender and beautiful. If you really do not hesitate to try to love a higher height of the shoes, but also that the same 4cm did not wear, Xiaobian give you the advice is:

Velvet fine with high heels, insoles are very soft and not stable, navy blue diamond cashmere is very low-key flash ~ strap design wear through the multi-faceted shoes ~ every day for a copy of a good mood ~ usually do not always wear the same height of high heels , So as to avoid the same part of the leg continued tension. Do not bend your back when you wear high heels, do not go and do not wear high heels up the mountain. Sexy black serpentine high heels, put on the temperament to mention the ~ walk is also very stable, there is no feeling of grinding feet ~ look at the grade of the price from the special slender legs! do you know? Dear, put high heels on the ground, please press the toe, if you find the tip for the tilt 1CM, then congratulations yo, you buy a pair of good shoes. High heels because of the high so the feet will be washed forward, slightly Alice's toes can avoid this pressure, thereby reducing the toe squeeze. If you are still looking for open shoe, looking high heels, retro shoes, snow boots of the distress, tired adidas tennis shoes of such a sweet sexy match, want to break but do not want to over-transformation, then try casual work shoes, No sports shoes so monotonous, but this simple and easy to wear, suitable for daily work, slightly Dai lazy random, is the love of adidas originals office workers do not barefoot wear high heels, so as not to hurt the foot skin. Wear high-heeled high heels, looking for their own foot-type shoes and pay attention to the angle of high heels tilt, arch arc curvature and high heels to match the arch to reduce foot pain. Classic charm of the tip of your beautiful and delicate skinny side of the show no doubt, filling the elegant feminine ~ wine with the type of design, comfortable and healthy ~ out of the Queen Fan ~ high heels is the first thing to put high heels flat on the ground , To observe whether adidas outlet the center of gravity with the heel was 45deg; Then regardless of its height, at least it will be a pair of comfortable shoes. To pay more attention to the feet to relax, hot feet, and often wear high heels when walking toe, activities, calves, toes and so on.