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You still lack adidas shop a pair of Chelsea boots this winter!

This time of year, to all kinds of boots, the resurgence of the season, of which there is very much welcomed Chelsea boots. Speaking of Chelsea boots, there may be a lot of people feel a strange feeling of its name, but first saw it's shoes, and immediately become super familiar. Chelsea boots is a neutral low-heeled boots. Traditional Chelsea boots have three important elements: elastics, Cuban heels and pointed designs. Narrow round-type last show its retro British charm. Not only modern people are so fond of Chelsea boots, in fact, as early as the last century, many celebrities are Chelsea shoes favorite. Some celebrities like to gather in Chelsea in the United Kingdom wearing "Chelsea boots" to highlight their own fashion ideas, Chelsea boots so named. Why are so many people loved. A big reason is the wildness of Chelsea boots. Pants with the same color, looks generous decent, neat and tidy. Want a sense of more casual, you can use Chelsea boots with jeans. You can also roll up the pants, increase the level of flu. And the skirt is super harmony with. So, choose one of your favorite Chelsea boots!

The material of the upper surface of the boots is made of cattle suede, with a texture. A very simple design of a shoe, but also quite wild, whether it is denim or skirt, can easily hold live. Definitely your best choice. Pointed toe design is definitely a big design highlight of this shoe, solid color design gives a very calm feeling. Vamps made of high-quality cattle flap leather, more able to show the texture of the shoes. Sole material is rubber, more durable. The upper of the boots is full of matte leather texture, texture is quite good. Fine skin on the high-end atmosphere on the grade. The first choice of boots inside the first layer of pigskin or velvet, absorbent comfort, velvet warm and breathable. Very wild a boot. adidas running shoes Very short section of a fan boots. Classic Bullock carved, will not appear too low-key, while the boot itself will bring a British retro style. With tight feet pants or piles of socks, plus sweaters or coats, are good looking.

Pointed toe design is undoubtedly a big design highlight of this boots. Featured first layer of leather fabric, not only the whole boot looks more texture, but also with a certain degree of gloss. The chrome trim makes the entire boot look more aura. A very simple design of a boot. Plus velvet design, put on more comfortable, warm effect adidas running shoes is also very good. adidas originals Color design also highlights a very retro temperament. Sole design is the use of rubber soles, both non-slip or wear-resistant properties, are superb. Featured high-quality thick warm fleece, soft and delicate, good cold resistance, with good thermostatic effect, so you no longer afraid of cold. The first layer of pigskin inside the design, there is a strong absorbent breathable performance, can effectively prevent the foot sweat and bacterial proliferation, give you caring care.